Blogging may be the newest way for those of us with narcissistic tendencies to feel important and listened to...that is if we have followers. I imagine my mother hearing that i want to write a blog about what i think, see, feel, read and hear saying, "take that energy and go help someone, go serve. You are a privileged woman who can help others, whose voices aren't heard, have a voice". I grew up watching her spend countless hours volunteering- she was a terrific role model. I too am a member of an organization that believes "our primary purpose is to help others" thus I am not a stranger to service. 

So here i am, wanting to serve this crazy media-driven world i live in by asking questions and searching for my truth. Perhaps my journey will help others find their truth too. 

"But wait! Actually… we are all crazy. We can’t help it because we don’t have all the information. We don’t experience even a small portion of all of the levels of existence and meaning of it all, the entire reality of who and what we are, and yet we expect ourselves to make some semblance of sense out of it and work endlessly toward our goals, or inner peace or integration, so subjective and often evanescent. So we make up interpretations to try to fill in the gaps and now and then some Truth comes shining through."  Elisa Novick

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